Rise & Shine All Access

Educational Encounter

  • Limited to 6 guests per day

  • One-on-one time with the elephants

  • Touch and take unforgettable photos  

$179 a person

     *note: Includes Spa and Educational Encounter

  • Come encounter an Elephant in our MOST POPULAR experience

  • Help spray, scrub, and bathe

  • Includes Educational Encounter after bath time

$89 an Adult

$69 Children 5-8 

Kids under 4 FREE

     *note: Includes Spa and Educational Encounter

  • Focused on conservation and learning about Elephants! 

  • Ask questions, touch, and take unforgettable photos

  • Kid Friendly

$29 a person

     *note: Educational Encounter is included in the Spa Encounter.

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