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Our Mission

From Tusk to Tail, African to Asian, elephant conservation characterizes our primary purpose.


Intimate elephant encounters guided by professional caregivers that will enlighten, educate, and provide for an unforgettable experience.


Knowledge and understanding are the gateway to global conservation and restoration of these majestic mammals.


Our passion, dedication, and collective efforts from the public ensure continued success in this vitally important endeavor. 

About Donations

Donating is your way of directly contributing to our purpose. Any contributions will go toward enhancing our Elephants' environment and will help us support our mission.

Contributions will go towards the following:

  1.  Five-acre habitat expansion project (2021) for our Elephants to have more room to play and dig!

  2.  An addition of a natural watering hole (2023)

  3.  An addition of natural foliage and toys for them to eat,dig, and play. 

  4.  Education field trips at no cost for local schools.   

  5. Care and supplies for our Elephants.


​The Myakka Elephant Ranch, Inc. is a certified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit #84-3406463.

If you would like to Donate, please click the Donate button below, or  Contact Us about how to donate! 

Or mail in a donation to Myakka Elephnat Ranch Inc. 1767 Lakewood Ranch Blvd #270 Bradenton FL 34251


Purchase a Bale of Hay - $15

Roll of Hay (1 Days worth of Hay)- $80

Purchase a Bag of Feed - $50

50 lb bag of peanuts to share - $100

Box of Produce to share - $100

Feed for 7 days - $900

Knowing you are enhancing the lives of one of the most majestic creatures on Earth is priceless.

If you would like to contribute by purchasing form our

Amazon Wish list check out the link below.

Elephant Enrichment Toys 

Thanks to our 
generous sponsors! 

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